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About Me

Elizabeth Joy Stewart

I have a Bachelors Degree in Psychology from the University of South Florida and spent nearly 20 years working in Human Resources before becoming a professional life coach.  

As a coach, I help clients gain clarity on exactly what they want.  I use energy modalities (EFT and PSYCH-K®) to help them transform anxiety, fears, trauma and limiting beliefs at the subconscious level. I have been facilitating energy modalities for the past 10 years to help myself and others live their best life.

Why hire a coach?  That is really for you to decide.  I will share with you why I did and reasons why others have.  

I attended a workshop where a PSYCH-K® facilitator demonstrated a "balance" and I was the audience volunteer.  We balanced on the statement, "I am enough."  I left feeling amazing and inspired.  I went on to hire this coach for several sessions.  In one of our private sessions, a balance was done which eliminated the severe cat allergy I developed 23 years prior.  The allergy was completely gone with a 15 minute process! Mind blown!

While EFT (emotional freedom technique) does not require a facilitator, like PSYCH-K® does, some areas are best tackled with a trained professional. Please do not try to clear a traumatic memory on your own.  If you are looking to get back to sleep, dissipate a craving, or calm from a current anxiety attack, I recommend looking for Brad Yates' EFT videos on YouTube.  If you want to get to the root of why you cannot sleep and potentially eliminate insomnia, hire a coach.  If you want to understand why you are having cravings and possibly eliminate them permanently, hire a coach.  If you want to live without fear and anxiety, hire a coach.  If you have a goal and are unsure how to achieve it, or even where to start, I recommend hiring a coach.  

A coach is not a doctor or a therapist.  A coach can often be a great compliment to the care of both.  Many times physical symptoms have a message for us.  What is your body trying to tell you?

This is a short list with some of the areas my clients have seen results:

- Fears and Anxiety 

- Confidence

- Public Speaking

- Body Image, Health and Weight Goals

- Improved Nutrition (and even a new found love of vegetables)

- Cravings

- Pain (gout, diverticulitis, cysts, shoulders, neck, back and more)

- Improved Personal & Professional Relationships

- Sex and Intimacy

- Grief/Loss (including break-ups) 

- Pet Anxiety

- Stress and Stressors (current and old memories including trauma)

- Relationship with money

- Insomnia and Night Terrors

What keeps YOU up at night?  Are you ready to live your best life?

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Marcus Aurelius said, “our life is what our thoughts make it”.  

Are your thoughts working for you? 

Today, right now, are you happy with all aspects of your life?  

Be honest! 

If you cannot unequivocally answer YES, request an introductory call with Coach Elizabeth Joy.


Client Testimonials


"As soon as I met Elizabeth, I felt at peace.  I initially reached out to her for career advice.  She asks amazing questions and gets to the root cause.  In our first session, I did not understand how the energy balances work.  I was so skeptical!  In one session, she helped my work life dramatically.  To this day, I am still amazed!

Through our sessions, I believe she's helped me discover my true self!  I was on the verge of a breakthrough and she helped me get there.  I feel so much gratitude and inspiration.

Elizabeth is an intelligent, caring, personable and gifted soul.  I am so incredibly thankful for the work she did.

Ciera in Washington

I’ve had three sessions with Elizabeth over the last 4 months so far. After every session I feel like a new person.

In that first session, I had a lot going on! I was upset about a car accident I was in a year ago. I had just learned that the woman won the lawsuit and I felt it was unfair. Elizabeth was able to release that stress immediately. I was so happy to rid that burden and not let this woman upset me anymore!

We then worked on tension in my left shoulder. The pain was a 10 out of 10 when we started. By the end of the session, it was down to a 2 and completely gone by the next morning. I immediately booked another session! I could not believe that this unbearable pain was gone. For 6 months, I had been seeing a chiropractor and physical therapist which offered only temporary relief.

The next time we worked on neck stiffness. I assumed it was related to the shoulder pain but it was actually tied to different stress I was carrying in my body. It was tied to the relationship with my husband.

It has been 4 months and neither pain has returned. Since those sessions, I have been feeling more confident and can speak up for myself. This has always been an issue with me.

In our most recent session, I wanted to work on a specific personal health condition. I was surprised where it led us. I knew I had a deep rooted issue with trust but not how it was impacting my body and other aspects of my life. Elizabeth is very good at what she does. I am grateful for her help, her honesty and know that I can certainly trust her!

I knew I had layers of issues to heal. She is so good at pinpointing them fast yet gently and taking care of them. I certainly recommend Elizabeth to anyone who needs healing in mind, body, and spirit. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Cindy in Oregon

What we did in our session gave me a sense of inner strength.  It's like the foundation on which I stand is finally firm.  Well after our session, I still feel great, centered and strong.

Amanda in Washington

PSYCH-K has transformed my life in so many ways.  I always leave our sessions feeling like a new me. Elizabeth is an intuitive and dedicated guide in the process. 

Elizabeth listens deeply with an open heart and makes no judgement.  Through the process, I am involved.  She gracefully guides me from negative situations into positive and fulfilling statements that are in line with my subconscious. Any goal that felt hard becomes easier and within reach. 

I strongly recommend Elizabeth as a coach and PSYCH-K facilitator to anyone who wants to take action in their life."

Amber in Washington

When I count my blessings these days, I start with Elizabeth. I was always on top of my game but this last year, everything fell apart. When I first came to her, my body ached, I had no energy, no will to get out of bed. The stresses of everyday life seemed unbearable. I stopped doing and just let my mind take control in a state of fear and anxiety. I worried about having no retirement. I feared that I'd never remarry or fall in love again for that matter. I feared that my business would fail. Fear consumed me and I just felt so..STUCK!

After the 1st session, I couldn't believe how great I felt! The PSYCH-K balances we did decluttered my mind and helped wake me up! Together, we removed old beliefs and added new beliefs that are still with me today.

The more we worked together, the better my life has gotten. I released the negative emotional baggage that has been subconsciously weighing me down. My back pain is gone.  My business is thriving.  I met an amazing man that I truly see myself growing old with. I wake up in the mornings excited to see how much I can accomplish and when I lay my head on my pillow at night, I feel great knowing that I was the best me I could be.

I truly don't know what my life would have become without Elizabeth's guidance. PSYCH-K has changed my life forever! I hope whomever is reading this will take the first step and have a session with Elizabeth. You have nothing to lose and a world full of happiness to gain. We only get one life to live, make it a happy one!

Shirley in New York

Since I started working with Elizabeth several months ago, I've experienced profound positive changes in my life. She has a gift for finding deep limiting beliefs and bringing them to light in a safe, positive way. Elizabeth is so kind and easy to work with and I am so grateful to her for all that she has helped me with. I look forward to each and every session with her. Thank you, Elizabeth!

Erika in New Hampshire

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Coaching Rates & Packages

When was the last time you made an investment in yourself?

Sessions can be in person (if local to the greater Seattle area) or online via Skype/Zoom.  Clients can live anywhere in the world!  Whether online or in person, both are equally effective!

I love referrals!  Both the referrer and the new client will receive 10% off his/her next purchase.

Solo Session

$150 for one 60-Minute Session

This is 60 minutes of coaching, balancing limiting beliefs and aligning with what you want.

The solo sessions are great for skeptical clients new to coaching and energy work.  

It is also intended for returning clients who have a  specific goal they want to work on.

Session Package

$500 for 4 sessions

Do you feel like you have tried everything else and nothing has worked? 

Investing in a Life Coach is just that, an investment - in YOU!  

I am always honored and humbled to see my clients grow and reach their goals.  I can't wait to work with you and watch you blossom!


Request a Session

It is important that you find a coach that will fit your needs.  It is also crucial that I take on clients who will best benefit from my services.  I do a 15 minute introduction call for potential clients to explore the world of coaching, ask me questions and get a feel for what coaching can do specifically for you in your situation.  This is not a coaching call.

In the "message" box, please tell me what you would most like to work on and how you would like to feel after our sessions.  

Please also list the best days & times for conducting our 15 minute introduction call. 

If you are interested in keeping in touch yet not ready to book an appointment, subscribe below.  You can also follow my page and events on Facebook.



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